Experts agree that Every building needs a Fire Safety Plan

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What is in a Fire Safety Plan?

Provincial and National Fire Codes require following:

Subsection 2.8.2 Fire Safety Plan
Measures in a fire safety plan

( 1) A fire safety plan shall include

(a) the emergency procedures to be used in case of fire including sounding the fire alarm, notifying
the fire department, provisions for access for fire fighting, instructing occupants on procedures to
be followed when the fire alarm sounds, evacuating endangered occupants and confining,
controlling and extinguishing the fire,
(b) the appointment and organization of designated supervisory staff to carry out fire safety duties,
(c) the instruction of supervisory staff and other occupants so that they are aware of their
responsibilities for fire safety,
(d) the holding of fire drills including the emergency procedures appropriate to the building,
( e) the control of fire hazards in the building,
(f) the maintenance of building facilities provided for the safety of occupants,
(g) the provision of alternative measures for the safety of occupants during any shutdown of fire
protection equipment and systems or part thereof, and
(h) instructions, including schematic diagrams, describing the type, location and operation of
building fire emergency systems.

(2) The fire safety plan shall be prepared, approved and implemented in buildings regu lated by Article .

(3) The fire safety plan shall be kept in the building in an approved location.


More precisely, all plans must be drawn up to reflect details of the specific building in question. For that reason templates provided by some fire departments are somewhat helpful for a small apartment building but cannot provide an untrained person with the information required for larger or more complicated Occupancy Types. As the templates are generic they can require significant modification and may result in numerous re-writes and time wasted.

By way of a summary overview our fire safety plans will contain but not be limited to the following:

Plan Area Content
Building/Systems Profile Description of the structure, fire and life safety systems and devices, utilities.
Posted Procedures Occupant evacuation instruction, will vary based on Occupancy Type, often includes a typical posted evacuation drawing.
Persons Requiring Assistance Details of how, who is responsible and listing of persons/impairment/location.
Responsibilities Owner and Supervisory staff legal obligations per the fire code.
Procedures Details by staff position to be carried out in an emergency.
Control or Confine Procedures “If You Discover a Fire".
Fire Drills Based on Occupancy Type may be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. Two year record keeping requirements.
Alternative Measures Responsibility/procedures/reporting and record keeping I a life safety system is inoperable.
Maintenance Procedures Highly variable depending on occupancy type and systems in the building. Includes Code references, actions to be carried out, frequency & responsibility. Retention of documents is required for two years.
Schematic Diagrams Site plan and floor plans of the building including utilities, detection and protection device/system locations.
Appendix Includes further special information on the building, forms, and reports.