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eZfireplan is very straightforward to use and compiles comprehensive and professional looking fire plan documents and drawings that include information that any Fire Department requires. My first fire plan not only passed on the initial submission but also impressed the Fire Department. The support I received from the staff at eZfireplan was consistently helpful and friendly while they assisted me in customizing the system to accommodate the specifications requested by the Ottawa Fire Department."';
- John Schieman - Branch Manager Superior Safety Ottawa ON';


We have been using eZfireplan for over a year and have written over 50 plans with it. We like the concept of this plan because it allows the owner, fire department and consultant all to have access to the plan real time and keep it current at all times. It builds a relationship between the parties in building and maintaining a workable fire safety plan that in the future can be added to with compatible modules such as inspection and maintenance. We look forward to using this software in its present and future state for many years."';
- Jim Kieffer - P. Eng Kieffer & Associates Inc Windsor ON';


eZfireplan has helped me enter into the fire safety planning market. The expert system has helped me to overcome the barriers faced when entering into this new market. As I have continued to familiarize myself with the program I have reduced my time spent creating fire safety plans and it makes writing plans an easier process. Also the staff at eZfireplan is very fast in providing assistance and responding to suggestions. Im really impressed!"';
- Salvador Celestial Jr. - Owner/Operator Kitchen Safe Fire Protection Services Oakville ON';


I have reviewed eZfireplan. I must say I am very impressed with the final product, it meets and exceeds all that the Office of the Fire Marshal would be looking for. It is a product that would be very beneficial not only to the owners of the properties but to the local fire service as well."';
- Harold J. Pothier - Deputy Fire Marshal Halifax, NS';


eZfireplan is an amazing program. I am completely new to fire safety plans and this program made it so easy to put together a fire safety plan. If you are doing fire safety plans I highly recommend using this program. The staff is extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. They are willing to help all the time and will answer every question you might have. Its just a matter of gathering your data, inputting it into their easy to follow, Internet based program and thats it. The program will take your information and generate a fire safety plan."';
- Aaron Brouwer - Kost Fire Safety Inc. Kelowna, BC';


With the responsibility for multiple Municipal buildings, eZfireplan was a clear choice as the only software that can provide integrated fire planning and pre-incident planning document management along with emergency response communication for our local Fire Department to use. The software provided easy online collaboration between myself, the Fire Department and the individual building managers."';
- Dave Stonley - Director of Recreation Town of Minto, Minto, ON';


As a former fire chief, who spent 33 years in the fire service, I know the value of having an approved fire safety plan for the safety of a buildings occupants. For many of these 33 years, it was my responsibility to review and approve these plans. I wish eZfireplan was available then, because the consistency and quality would have made my job easier. Being a fire safety consultant now, I can see how much easier and less error prone it is to produce fire safety plans for clients using the eZfireplan tool. I recommend this tool to anyone who is responsible for producing quality fire safety plans."';
- Peter Corfield - Fire Chief Niagara Falls (ret), Owner, PCA Fire Safety and Security Consulting';


Please express my gratitude to First Sentinel for helping us get our Firefighters home after each call. Again keep up the good work. Lives depend on it! Proud to be even remotely associated with you guys."';
- Ed Brouwer - Chief, Canwest Fire Services, Osoyoos, BC';


eZfireplan is a great program for someone who was completely new to not only fire plans but very unfamiliar with computer generated programs as well. Its easy-to-use format has enabled me to provide professional quality fire plans that not only my customers are impressed with, but the local fire department is extremely pleased with. Our local Fire Chiefs comment on the last plan submitted was"Its the best plan Ive seen". The staff at First Sentinel is extremely knowledgeable and they are always available to help with any questions or requests I have. Their technical support is second to none.
THANKS First Sentinel!
- Jeanie MacIntyre - Owner/Operator, Flameguard Safety Services Ltd. Fernie, BC';